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Infographics 101

You've seen infographics successfully used by big brands and marketers but do you know how to use them for your business?

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Digital Marketing Metrics

We are in the era of Big Data. Find out which metrics you need to pay attention to and which ones to ignore.

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What's Digital Marketing Budget

Learn how to set a realistic digital marketing budget to give you the best odds at accomplishing your business goals.

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Digital Marketing

home1Digital marketing is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days, but have you ever taken time to know what it is? According to Wikipedia digital marketing is a general term used for targeted, measurable and interactive marketing.

In order to carry out an effective marketing campaign you need tactics and strategies, if you want to survive in today’s markets it is important to employ tactics such as

Building a presence on social media

Unlike in the past when trends were set in magazines or on television, today everything is on social media. Look at it this way when was the last time you bought an actual newspaper or magazine.

You should employ this tactic in order to reach new audiences. So post share and interact as much as you can.

Create a blog

Today almost all businesses, websites and professionals have a blog or two, creating a blog is a tactic that can help you build an online presence in your field. But don’t just create a blog for the heck of it; create it to share things that people actually want to look at.


Have you heard of a new trend named un-boxing, if you haven’t then you should visit YouTube more. The thing about making videos is that they can either make you or break you, if people are saying the right things the traffic will be directed to where you want it to go, if people are saying bad things then you know what will happen.

Un-boxing is just one example, but generally making a professionally made video will help you a lot with your business.


There is an old saying that no man is an island, networking is a way to connect you with other people. Online networking is big now, just look at the success of sites such as LinkedIn or Quora.

The thing is if you don’t network, you remain in the past, and you will miss out on a lot of beneficial opportunities.

The most effective digital marketing strategies

home2Strategies and tactics may not be similar but they are interchangeable, some strategies you can use for digital marketing are:

SEO optimization

According to a recent poll, most website or business owners believe that a combination of SEO and social media is the best online marketing strategy, why? SEO optimization has been proven time and time again as the best way to improve your websites visibility; if you combine this with social media you increase the chances of success.

Mobile marketing and ecommerce

Mobile marketing may seem like a good option but to most people it’s downright annoying, ask yourself this, when was the last time you actually followed an ad on angry birds or on any other popular mobile app?

What makes mobile marketing bad is that the ads lack creativity and the formats are nothing to remember, you can chose to try it but you’d better come up with something revolutionary.

The real problem that marketers face today is that there is no real strategy that fits all, you will face challenges. Therefore making it up as you go can be quite effective.